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Your one stop shop for Apps to get things done, fast. Exponential ensure consistent documentation, billing, version controls and data governance.

Monetize your SaaS
product in minutes

Exponential handles user accounts, usage tracking, billing, subscriptions, generates developer-friendly API docs and myriad of other mundane tasks so you can focus on building a great product.

Select a monetization strategy

Per API call

Select rate limits on your API and charge your customers based on their API usage. Your customers will be billed once a month.

Per User

By adding exponential nav bar to your website (simple 3 lines of JS), you can setup authentication and pricing page in minutes!

Per View

Host your website on Exponential and provide an embeddable script to your clients. We will track the views and bill accordingly.

Save over 500 hours of dev effort.

Setting up authentication, billing, usgage tracking, dashboards are boring, mundane tasks. Exponential helps you save $25k worth of effort (considering $50/hour dev rate).

Your team should be working on the most important thing:
your product

  Launch Checklist

Here are the list of items you dont have to worry about.

70% of Your tasks is done.


Stripe integration, managing subscriptions & declined credit cards

  Usage tracking

Set up rate limits and metered billing

  Free landing page

Create a landing page for your project in minutes and configure your custom domain

  User account management

We will handle the registration and authentication.

  Analytics dashboard

Give your clients full visibility into their usage

  API documentation

Automatically send alerts to your clients when you update your documentation

  Security & privacy

Stay compliant with SOC2, GDPR and CCPA privacy rules


Get listed on the exponential marketplace and generate more leads.

  Featured Apps  

Uhh ohh! No Apps available related to all!

Focus on your customers  

Building and managing a micro saas business can be a great source of passive income. However, bootstrapping a business is hard, especially for solopreneurs. You must focus on your product, the go to market strategy and demonstrate value to your customers. The faster you launch & get feedback from users greater the chance of success.

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